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Impact Growth Strategies (IGS)

Our regional Impact Growth strategies are one of the many ways we strive to multiply impact in the places we work. The focus of each IGS is based on the area of greatest need identified by each region. Through the IGSs, we are able to leverage resources, knowledge and innovation across our organization and the region, to bring lasting change to the lives of the most vulnerable and scale the impact of our efforts.

Impact Growth Strategy Annual Reports 2017

Dignified Work in Asia

Dignified Work in Latin America

Fighting GBV in MENA

Her Harvest, Our Future in Southern Africa

Women on the Move in West Africa

Impact Growth Strategy One Page Briefs

Dignified Work in Asia 2018

Life Free from Violence in Asia 2018

West Africa


Latin America

Southern Africa

Impact Growth Strategy Infographics

Food and Nutrition Security and Climate Change Resilience in Southern Africa

Gender Based Violence in the Great Lakes

Women on the Move - West Africa

A Life Free of Violence in the Asia Pacific

Dignified Work in Asia

Domestic Workers in Latin America and the Caribbean

Unprecedented Humanitarian Crises - MENA

Addressing Early, Forced & Child Marriage: A Regional Vision For Change

This two page brief discusses the regional vision for change to address the increasing rates of early, forced and child marriage in conflict-affected and other vulnerable communities put together by a coalition of ten organizations and stakeholders from Egypt, the Southern Caucasus, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, and Yemen.