Sensemaking Sessions

Sensemaking is the ability or attempt to make sense of an ambiguous situation. MI Sensemaking sessions strive to foster a greater understanding of our PIIRS data each year, present an overview of some of our global findings, and present interesting data for discussion.

FY16 Sensemaking Sessions

Our FY16 Sensemaking session delved into the findings from PIIRS FY16 data collection. We presented an overview of FY16 findings and aimed to reflect on the data we have, identify trends and patterns, discuss our progress, and identify areas for improvement. We discussed how CARE Approaches are defined, what our FY16 data tells us, changes in the gender, governance, and resilience markers, and key takeaways and reflections.

FY15 Sensemaking Sessions

Our FY15 Sensemaking session presented an overview of the data contained in PIIRS and discussed the Multiplying Impact and CARE Approach indicators specified in the 2020 Global Strategy. We presented the existing data from FY15 that corresponded to these indicators to examine where we are as an organization ahead of data collection for 2020 Global Indicators in FY16. The presentation consisted of brief presentation of our existing data across indicators followed by a panel discussion of interesting findings from our FY15 data.

Session sur le Sensemaking des Données de 2015 du PIIRS